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Entry #1

Here i am.

2010-05-16 22:09:42 by Silvercrownking

After being a long time viewer of Newgrounds I have finally decided to make an account.


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2010-05-16 22:44:46

Welcome, I like you was just an observer of this great site called "Newgrounds" and to me its one the most greatest flash sites that have ever graced upon the peoples monitors throughout their homes. I personally welcome you.


2010-06-01 13:38:34

A wise choice uf maid my friend ... a wise choice :D


2010-06-03 01:02:44

Great another n00b entering Newgrounds just great..................well hello i guess welcome to NG don't mess anything up.

Silvercrownking responds:

You yourself have been registered for a little longer than me, I'd still consider you a n00b as well.

And as to why you should assume by me being new I would mess things up is rude. How about you look forward to my improving things.